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​We don’t believe in bad luck. Experience, professionalism, and constant learning
ensure a virtuous cycle for your project. 

We know software is the most important defining factor in every person's daily life. For that reason, we wanted to create a company that ensured the quality and reliability it needs to have. So we founded uqality, an organization which is a leader by nature. With creativity, efficiency, and professionalism, we build a plan for every project to reach its quality goals with strength and empathy.

Damian Famiglietti, uqality team leader

Damián has been passionate about technology since he was a boy. He studied Computer Analysis at Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has more than 20 years of experience working in QA. His many roles included being a QA Manager with several teams in charge. Once he obtained his “Scrum Master” certification, he started applying agile methodologies to his QA workflows. This enhancement in team work planted the seeds for creating training fo new testers.

Throughout the years, Damián has worked with companies from a variety of industries, such as Oil & Gas, Banking & Finance, IT, ecommerce, and logistics.

Belén Esquenazi, uqality team member

Belén is a curious and optimistic person by nature. She is always up for new challenges, and is convinced that hard work and focus can turn any goal into a reality. These personality traits have been her intellectual and personal motivation over the years.
Belén has a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems from Universidad Nacional del Nordeste, Argentina. She has worked in different areas such as medium market company administration, business management, and QA development. She is also a professional interior designer. Her varied experience provides her with a unique and broad view that allows her to manage different situations creatively, efficiently, and responsibly.

Victo Koosh, uqality team member

Victor has strong skills and knowledge in software development processes. He aims for simplicity and leverages teamwork to integrate multiple points of view that illuminate opportunities.
He is an Angel Investor and start-up Mentor & Advisor. His expertise working in the technology and software industry for more than 20 years gave him a unique perspective on the needs and demands of these organizations. 
Victor studied Business Administration at the University of Houston and was honored with the NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award, the Centurion Award, and the Silver Beaver. He speaks Russian, Spanish, and German.

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