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7 benefits of QA to enhance your product’s quality and your customer relationships.

Why Quality Assurance is so important when developing software?

When was the last time you presented a demo and something went wrong?

Maybe it was that silly bug you were sure was already fixed. Or a counter-intuitive workflow that ended up making the whole demo confusing.

When was the last time you received a ticket from a user with an error that couldn’t be fixed immediately? You probably had to apologize and invest time researching the issue and pinpointing exactly where it came from.

QA is your best ally when it comes to delivering great software

  1. QA increases customer confidence. Knowing your software is tested will establish your company's credibility as an organization that puts its customers first.

  2. QA saves you money. Faulty software is expensive to keep up. The longer an issue goes undetected in your software, the more difficult and expensive it will be to fix it.

  3. QA saves time and ensures that quality requirements will be met. Saving hours in this day and age is a gift. A QA team will understand issues from the beginning of the specification and development processes, and will suggest enhancements tailored to your domain and user type.

  4. QA allows you to develop more innovative products. Developers will stop being afraid of bugs, and gain confidence in the support a QA team brings, allowing them to develop more creative and higher quality products.

  5. QA maintains an excellent user experience. This aspect is becoming more and more crucial these days. Bad UX brings dissatisfaction and frustration. Good user experience, on the other hand, results in satisfied users who are much more likely to recommend your products to others.

  6. QA provides a new panorama. A QA team will understand your project and users deeply, allowing them to bring new ideas to the table. A different viewpoint is always refreshing.

  7. QA brings more profit. If you are creating software that you will market or sell, investing in QA will make it possible to sell your products at higher price points.

QA makes software the best it can be

Nowadays, Quality Assurance is essential in the software industry. Quality standards are rising, and as software companies, we need to ensure QA from the very beginning of the development process. Stop waiting for the “bug.” When testing is an integral part of your software development strategy, your customers win, and so do you.

We encourage you to consider QA as a fundamental part of your development process.

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