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There is no greater confidence than assuring that what your customers receive is your product as you conceived it.


Why QA
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Quality Assurance is the essential condition for outstanding software development. It is a group of planned activities applied to a quality management system looking to satisfy a product or service's quality requirements.


Quality Assurance takes place from the beginning to the end of the software development process and is associated with information feedback loops.

The complete QA cycle

QA includes different specializations: testing or Quality Control, development methodology, documentation validation, and product functionality specification. 

The confidence that we provide with QA is twofold, internally in regards to management, and externally for end users.


Applying an efficient QA plan throughout the development process guarantees the final product's quality and, therefore, customer satisfaction.

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Why you?
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Testers are not merely trying to avoid errors for the end users. A QA team will suggest ideas that could spark innovative processes and differentiate a product from others with similar functionalities.

Development errors or "bugs", very often are not a result of a poorly executed development task, but rather side effects that new code unexpectedly has over different capabilities in the system. Developers are sometimes scared of innovation fearing that it could create complex errors in other parts of the code. This is why QA practices incentivize creative development and product management. 

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Why uqality?
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We know that software is the single most powerful factor in creating better lives. We want software to be the best it can be, and we want developers to be able to face new challenges with the creativity provided by the freedom of having a whole Quality Assurance process working alongside them.

Our founding members have more than 20 years of experience working in many varied projects of different domains, and we combine that experience with a passion for learning and a methodical approach to strategizing the best QA plan for each project. 


We analyze and understand your project's needs, we create a custom QA plan taking into account priorities, technical requirements and user experience, we execute that plan providing feedback and enabling communication channels with the development team, and we generate the documentation needed to improve the QA process for each cycle of your project. 

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QA plan
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The QA Plan is our map around a project's quality practices. 

It starts by setting up the quality goals which ensure the approach to the project goes hand in hand with the development plan and needs. 

The plan needs to take into account:

  • Tools to be used for testing

  • Workflow for the design and execution of test cases

  • Incidence reports in the development team's ticket tool

  • Prioritization of funtionalities to be tested. 

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